This Poland’s Crook Forest Is One Of Worlds Biggest Unsolved Mysteries

20 July 2017

From the East to the West, even the tiniest of towns can contain major puzzles to solve for the intrepid globetrotter. Formed around the beginning of World War II, these bizarre trees have become one of the world’s most obscure and oddly captivating mysteries.

Named the Crooked Forest, this place might sound like something out of a fairy tale, but it’s very, very real…

If you ever venture outside the village of Nowe Czarnowo in Poland, you won’t have to wander very far before you discover one of the greatest mysteries on Earth

It is made up of 400 trees, which are bent at 90 degrees just above their base, with the curve going back upright after three to nine feet of sideways growth.

These trees all point to the North and bend to make a very specific “J” shape. Tree experts called to examine the trees speculate that their strange shape probably started when they were damaged seven to 10 years after they were planted.

There are many different theories about what could have damaged these trees and made them take this shape. One popular theory is that they were damaged by passing tanks during World War II.

Another origin theory for the strange trees is that a heavy snowstorm arrived not long after the trees were planted. 

While those two explanations might make some sense, there are a few other theories that require one to have a lot of imagination in order to believe in them.

Another possible theory that was suggested is even more freakish. Believers think that the bent trees are the byproduct of alien activity.

While there is no way of disproving the idea that aliens crushed the trees, there are other, more reasonable explanations about how this forest came to be so crooked. 

The thinking is that local woodcutters deliberately manipulated the shapes of the trees with the idea of using it for the construction of speciality furniture.

Unfortunately, the onset of World War II put a kink in the timeline for their plan and it was never realized. Whatever the truth may be, the Crooked Forest is made all the more fascinating for its mysterious origins.

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This Poland’s Crook Forest Is One Of Worlds Biggest Unsolved Mysteries
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