He Inherited This Building From His Grandmother And What He Found There Will Shock You

13 July 2017

Vast majority of material things, especially textiles, from 40 or 50 years ago have not stood the test of time. So when one man discovered he had inherited a shoe store which hadn’t been open for decades, he really didn’t think he’d find much inside.

But he was wrong. So, so wrong. Far from nothing, he instead found an absolute treasure trove!

This old shoe store performed quite well throughout the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, but it eventually closed down shortly after those decades.

 The man who took these photographs was told that the store had been in his family for generations. It wasn’t until his great-grandmother became ill that they were forced to close it. Now, decades later, it is being explored.

The shoes were still as good as new! In all the time that the shop had been out of business, no one had come to empty it of its contents, which meant that it was like stepping into a time capsule.

the shoes had remained in relatively perfect condition. Why, with a little bit of dusting, the store could almost be reopened.

He was surprised at the quality of the footwear. The shoes were sleek and stylish, and many could almost pass for something worn today.

 From leather loafers to stiletto heels, the space was packed to the gills with quality items that had been left untouched from the passing of time.

With a fresh pair of laces, these boots could make a nice addition to a fancy department store’s front window display. 

To think that they’ve just been sitting, untouched, in this old store for more than 40 years is pretty insane. It’s like stepping into a museum.

These might as well be modern Vans or Converse slip-ons, seeing as they look the same.

Shoes weren’t the only things that were discovered in the store. Take this mysterious piece, for instance. 

It actually was a Victrola Crendenza talking machine—and it was full of records.

It would be a shame not to rejuvenate the family business. It was almost crazy to consider how no one in the family decided to sell it, or the items inside, before it was passed on. 

This old-timey shoe store felt like a relic from a bygone era that was just begging to be brought back. 

Images source: nifymag.com

He Inherited This Building From His Grandmother And What He Found There Will Shock You
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