This 8 Pet Hair Cleaning Hacks Will Save You So Much Time

20 July 2017

You know that the struggle with pet hair is very real, if you own one that is. You find it on your furniture, clinging to your clothes and even lurking in your car. It gets in every crack and crevice imaginable! But you can get rid of that pesky problem with these foolproof pet hair removal tricks!

Get incredible results with a carpet rake (or rubber broom) by spritzing the area with water first. The water helps the rake grab on to the pet hair better, so you’ll get a cleaner carpet.

A good handheld vacuum is a MUST for pet owners. You don’t want to dig out the big machine every time your pet sheds a little here and there.

Squeegees lep so much in the house and in the car to remove pet hair after your furry friend has shed all over the place.

Grab a rubber glove to wipe pet hair off of small areas.

Use a pumice stone to remove pet hair from upholstery if you have one on hand. Perfect for those tight areas in the car!

Dryer sheets are useful when removing pet hair from carpet and clothes as long as it’s surface hair. If it’s deeply embedded hair, you’ll want to use one of the other tricks that are mentioned.

Grab hair off your clothes with a rubber lint brush.

Use a Swiffer (without the pad) to remove pet hair from the carpet before you vacuum if you’re afraid of clogging it up.

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This 8 Pet Hair Cleaning Hacks Will Save You So Much Time
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